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42 thoughts on “The importance of a consistent sleep schedule

  1. Lita D'Souza says:

    such a good read!

  2. Rica says:

    Interesting…. Wow!

  3. Reena Dias says:

    Explained so well!!

  4. Niharika Parab says:

    Great, informative blog!

  5. Very informative blog. Will definitely try some of the tips.

  6. Yashwanthi says:

    Informative article.??

    1. Akash says:

      Thanks so much, you’ve given me some really helpful ideas that I want to try.

  7. Anushka Ghate says:

    Very useful tips! Thanks!

  8. Richa says:


  9. Anisha Sapla says:

    Good read?

  10. Vaishnavi says:

    Very informative ?

  11. Deetya says:

    Very much helpful.

  12. Asnim says:

    Great tips!!

  13. Emerald says:

    Great article!

  14. Malvika says:

    for someone with a really turbulent sleep schedule like me, this was not only eye opening but also enlightening
    thanks for the great read!

  15. Ash says:

    Informative ?

    1. Angel Sehgal says:

      Very informative !!

  16. So informative and eye opening! I definitely need to change my sleeping habits!

  17. Chandni Arora says:

    Very informative

  18. Samruddhi Nivate says:

    Well explained??

    1. Rachita Bose says:

      Nicely done

  19. Sneha Roy says:


  20. Ayushi Mishra says:

    Very true. Nicely put. Well framed content. Thank you for writing this article. Very informative.

  21. Anuja Barnwal says:

    Very informative

  22. Divyanshu Barnwal says:

    Great Article. I agree 100% with the view points. Sleep is one of the most important aspects for maintaining a healthy life. As Robert A. Heinlein has said, “Happiness consists of getting enough sleep. Just that, nothing more.”

    1. Nupur sehgal says:

      Very helpful ?

      1. Priyanshu says:

        Nice article. It was a great read. Will definitely implement some tips.

  23. Alka Kumari says:


  24. Akshay Daga says:

    Very informative

  25. Darshika says:

    Very informative and helpful for people who are dealing with sleep issues.

  26. Lakshya jain says:

    Very well explained ??

  27. Harsh says:

    great content

  28. Apurva Jyoti says:

    Very informative nicely explained

  29. Ankita says:

    A proper sleep schedule is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. A very educative article! ?

  30. Durgesh Nandan Sarkar says:

    A very insightful read and specially a very important message in the present day and age.

  31. Nikita Mahato says:

    Indeed a well explained article. It is important to understand the need for a proper sleep schedule to function properly for the entire day. An educative article!?

  32. This was a much needed reminder. With WFH becoming the new normal, most of the people’s sleep cycle has been messed up. Thank you for the article.

  33. Nikita Mahato says:

    It is very important to have a proper sleep schedule in order to function properly for the entire day. A very educative article giving insights to the people suffering from sleep disorders.

  34. Siddharth Jindal says:

    Very thorough and insightful article !!

  35. Pankaj says:

    Thanks for such a great information.

  36. Kalpana says:

    Very helpful and nicely directed through the blogs .would love to read more blogs .

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