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31 thoughts on “Depression: by CHOICE or by CHANCE?

  1. Jyoti says:

    When someone is dealing with depression it is very difficult to be able to do such activities to get out of it, especially when there is no desire to do anything maybe the family and others need to take more charge….to make sure said person does something.

    1. Jahanvi Kansotia says:


  2. Zarah says:

    Very interesting read!

  3. Nupur sehgal says:

    Informative article ??

  4. Angel Sehgal says:

    Informative article

  5. Diksha says:

    Welll ???

  6. Guriya kumari says:

    Informative article ?

  7. Ajay modj says:

    Good article, now a days whole world is facing the above issue. Nice to get some information to tackle this situation.

  8. ASHISH KUMAR says:

    Great article in these times

  9. Celine says:

    Loved this one!!

  10. Dev says:

    Great information.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Tarandeep Singh says:

      Very informative thanks for sharing ??

      1. Raghav Motani says:

        It was very informative and very much related. I appreciate your work and effort. Keep up the work and keep giving us great content to read. ?

  11. Yashwanthi says:


  12. Anusha D'cruz says:

    Well written!

    1. Avani says:

      Very informative article..

      1. Shambhavi says:

        This was so informative

  13. Atanshu Goyal says:

    Very informative ?

  14. Diptesh Patil says:

    Great information.?

  15. Shivani Rawat says:

    Love the article:)
    Very well written and really informative!

  16. Nikita Mahato says:

    A very informative article addressing and de-stigmatising the issues around mental health. Indeed a great way to create awareness ??

  17. Nikita Mahato says:

    A very educative article. Indeed a great way to de-stigmatise and address the issues around mental health in society! ✌️

  18. Very well written! Loved reading it!

  19. Dhanu says:

    Too good! Article vibrates the problems accurately ?

  20. Atanshu Goyal says:

    Very informative ?

  21. Minal Patil says:

    Very informative

  22. Radhika Garg says:

    Engaging blog..thankyou for giving such useful information

  23. Vivek Rampuria says:

    great article!

  24. kiran kaur says:

    Loved reading this.

  25. Poonam Singh says:

    Informative article

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