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12 thoughts on “The food pyramid- Is it still relevant?

  1. Akshita Pokharna says:

    Interesting article

    1. Kunal Singhvi says:

      Very well documented information. Keep it up.

  2. Megha Sharma says:

    Very well explained about the Food Pyramid.. interesting topic.

  3. Anchal Mehta says:


  4. Sampan says:

    It’s good to follow good food habit’s as per the pyramid to stay healthy… Now a day’s we all know what situation is going on to be safe and fight that situation we just have to keep our immunity system very strong and it only can be possible when we all change our food habits… It’s a nice blog everyone should read and follow…

    1. ASHISH KUMAR says:

      Good food for good health ?

  5. Ramya says:

    A very interesting read! Well presented!

  6. Ramya says:

    Interesting article! Well presented.

  7. Ajay Modi says:

    Well documented article !

  8. Guriya kumari says:

    Intersting article

  9. information provided here is really helpful one must read it

  10. Atanshu Goyal says:

    Really informative and greatly presented article!

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