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Health Drinks & Nutrition Bars

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Cureveda Herbal Pureprash Immunity Booster

Cureveda Herbal Pureprash – Immunity Booster for all age groups- Jaggery based, sugar free Chyawanprash (500gms)

Sold By : Clinqon India

IMMUNITY SUPPORT: Doubles immunity, suitable for all age groups in all seasons. Stimulates the body’s immunity against common day-to-day infections like cough & cold, allergies and infections due to seasonal weather changes.
GENERAL WELLNESS & RESPIRATORY HEALTH: Supports overall health & well-being. Enhances overall strength & energy, supports digestive system. Sharpens memory and encourages brain functions. Aids in purification of blood and in elimination of toxic elements from the body. Fights with respiratory issues and also aids lung functioning to an extent.
LOW SUGAR, PURE CHYAWANPRASH: Does not contain any added sugar. Naturally sweetened with jaggery and fructo-oligo-sachharide which is a great prebiotic assisting in digestive health.

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Divya GiloyGiloy Capsules, Herbal Supplement, Immunity Booster, Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Medicine, Natural Remedy, Detoxification, Anti-inflammatory, Digestive Aid

Divya Shree Giloy Capsule Promotes Healthy Skin, Helps Boost Energy by Jeevan Care Ayurveda


Excellent Immunity Booster
Improves Blood Formation
Excellent for Liver Health
Prevents Infections
Protects Human Cells from Free Radicals
Possesses Anti-Viral Properties
Possesses Antibacterial Properties
Good for skin health

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Namhya Foods Immunity Booster Latte

Namhya Immunity Booster Latte, 100% Natural with Goodness of Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Coconut Flakes, Tulsi (Basil) & Moringa (100g)

Sold By : Namhya Foods
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Turmeric contains curcumin, which is known to be highly effective in reducing inflammation.
  • Turmeric also boosts immunity levels. It’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties protect us from a variety of infections.
  • The anti-oxidant properties prevents damage to cells and thus slow down ageing.

RiteBite Max Protein Daily Choco Berry 10g Protein Bars [Pack of 6] Protein Blend, Fiber, Vitamins & Minerals, No Preservatives, 100% Veg – 300g

Sold By : Clinqon India

BAR FOR EVERYONE: With 10gms of protein in each bar and 5gms of fiber and goodness of almond in every bite. Max Protein Choco Almond Bar is the perfect bar for your daily lifestyle with no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners with a balance of taste and health and 100% vegetarian
SUSTAINED ENERGY: Max Protein Choco Almond Bar is yours go to performance nutrition bar, purposefully crafted with an ideal mix of 3 protein blends of whey protein, soy and casein and a crunchy flavor with the goodness of almonds in every bite to sustain 2hrs of energy for a moderate-intensity activity and lifestyle.
WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS FOR A WHOLESOME EXPERIENCE: A bar that satiates your hunger and keeps you going with 2 hrs of sustained energy. We aim to keep you healthier and provide a healthier option to your food choices with an irresistible combo of nutrition and flavor of almonds, dark chocolate and no added sugar.

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Pharma Science Aloe Vera Juice with Pulp for Skin & Hair – 500ml

Sold By : iPharma Science




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