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23 thoughts on “Do’s & Don’ts in the weekend to start a better week


    Helpful Suggestions. Will definitely try..

  2. Akanksha Priya says:

    good read

  3. Avinandan saha says:

    I paused for a while , all I needed was said here , it will help me and others too.

  4. Koushik Dey says:

    Very much informative
    Thank you for this

  5. Chinmay Yevale says:

    Thank you for such valuable information

  6. Simmi Shaikh says:

    Great suggestion!

  7. Simran says:

    Great suggestion!

  8. Ruhi Thakkar says:

    This is super relatable and a great read!

    1. Sourav Pal says:

      Great … Thanks for the suggestions.

  9. Deepam Addy says:

    Enlightened! thanks!??

  10. Prosenjit Matia says:

    Simple and effective. A very subtle yet productive approach to make the most out of the weekend.

  11. Pronoy Mukherjee says:

    Good one.

    1. Anjali rawat says:

      Amazing work!! Really appreciable

  12. Aaishiki Banerjee says:

    Thank you for the valuable information. Would love to follow these.

  13. Shivani Rawat says:

    Such amazing words!! Good work.

  14. Priyanka says:

    Self care must be a priority, rightly expressed

  15. Pravina garg says:


  16. Ruksar says:

    Here’s a list of activities to put your weekend to better use, and help make your work life more productive:
    #1: Play a musical instrument.
    #2: Reading.
    #3: Learning a new language.
    #4: Traveling.
    #6: Hiking.
    #7: Writing.
    #9: Baking.
    #10: Play sports.

  17. Pankaj says:

    Very informative thanks for sharing it

  18. Hiya Mahabi says:

    Oh my god….This is so relatable and informative….Thank you so much for the insights too…

  19. Considering the current phase we are going through, this is a well written piece.?

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