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11 thoughts on “Foods that are ulcer busters

  1. ASHISH KUMAR says:

    Great Article

  2. Nupur sehgal says:

    Great article ?

  3. Muskan Miglani says:

    It’s a very good and useful article.

    1. Sushant Pandey says:

      an immensely helpful content

  4. sam says:

    I was very worried before reading this article , great article Thankyou !! my life is totally changed after reading this

    1. Ravinder says:

      Ulcers are really very painfull when it occurs. For extreme cases healthy diet along with proper medication is good way for fast recovery.

  5. shrutizing says:

    information was really helpful

  6. sushant singh says:

    got to know it today only. great information

  7. manasvini says:

    very informative and helpful article!

  8. Suresh Patil says:

    very helpful

  9. Vivek Rampuria says:

    im so glad i read this, thanks!

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