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13 thoughts on “Vaccine: A barrier to nature’s threat

  1. Harsha Choudhary says:

    This is a great initiative. Need more such events to help our country.

  2. Nikita Mahato says:

    It’s essential to get vaccinated and avoid the rumours surrounding the topic. A COVID free world is what we looks forward to by helping everybody get vaccinated! ??

  3. Sejal Singh says:

    Prevention is better than cure! Great article!

  4. Pritisha Choudhary says:

    This is a great initiative that have been taken by the government to make our country a covid-free nation.

  5. Priyanka says:

    Fighting misinformation around the idea of vaccination is what will keep us safe!

  6. Minal Patil says:

    Great initiative

  7. Shruti Singh says:

    very informative

  8. rgaming98 says:

    It is very important for one to know this information! And the initiative that you guys have taken up is a very good deed. Keep going! Love From Mumbai!

  9. Nehal Bhatnagar says:

    Valuable information and the goal should be to get vaccinated.

  10. Vivaan says:

    Getting vaccinated can decrease the chances of hospitalization and requirement of supplementation of oxygen with more chances of recovery at-home.

  11. Soham says:

    From vaccine we will gain immunity against corona

  12. Kartikey says:

    Nice article and great initiative!!
    Our country needs many more such events to create awareness and get people vaccinated.

  13. Sakshi says:

    Great Article ??

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